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Your Style, Reimagined

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Personal Styling Consultation

Thursdays from 6-8 PM EST

On-Camera Zoom Call, Reviewing: Client Questionnaire, Services Needed, Budget, Image Plan & More. Book your session today!

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Image Coaching

Committed to Quality

As an image coach I am a professional who helps individuals or groups improve their personal or professional image. My goal an image coach is to help clients enhance their appearance, behavior, and create a positive and memorable first impression. I work with clients on a variety of topics, including fashion and style, grooming, body language, etiquette, and social graces. Offering advice on how to present oneself in different social or professional situations, such as interviews, networking events, or public speaking engagements. My ultimate aim as an image coach is to help clients project confidence, competence, and credibility in all aspects of their lives.


Style Revamp


Are you ready to revamp your style? This package includes: Personal Styling Consultation, Closet Invite (Closet Cleanout), Monthly Virtual Closet Subscription, Video Calls, and Image Coaching Services.


Virtual Styling

Worldwide Service

My services are not about changing who you are or what your personal image is—but to discover the potential in your wardrobe and personal style so you look and feel your best every day. Complete Style Set includes – (depending on the occasion) outerwear, dress or top and bottom, bag, shoes, and accessories—clickable links to purchase.

Colorful Shopping Bags

Personal Shopper

Busy As a Bee

No time to shop? Leave the store to store race to ClosetInvite. We will shop and deliver items to you at your convenience. Nothing should hold you back from looking and feeling your best.


Creative Styling & Direction
Branding Photoshoot

Fashion is Art

Two or more Looks – In-Person Shopping or Virtual Styling. Conference Call with the Stylist, MUA, and Photographer. The stylist will be present to make sure you look your best and provide creative direction to your shoot.

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Closet Invite

What Not to Wear

Closet Invite - the stylist will go through clothing items, accessories, handbags, and shoes with haul away donation service. Additionally, the closet consultant will assist with organizing your closet based on material, color scheme, and seasonal categories.


Additional Services Not Listed

For any additional services not listed - monthly, quarterly, and annual retainer services, travel styling, and more, please email to enquire.


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