Sunscreen Sunday

Sunscreen Sunday

Black Girl Sunscreen is a Black-owned sunscreen line. Before last month, I never knew this sunscreen ever existed. I think it is so important for Black people to be educated on applying sunscreen. The fact that we are manufacturing it brings awareness that we need to wear it. 

I have a lighter skin complexion so Iโ€™ve always been told to wear sunscreen and I definitely need it because I will turn red and burn in direct sunlight. My more melanated sisters and brothers think because yes, they have a darker skin tone and no, they donโ€™t turn red that they donโ€™t need it. That is not the case. 

Melanin does protect you, but it only takes you so far. Sunscreen protects your skin from premature aging and skin cancer. I know none of us want to look older than we are nor would we want to develop skin cancer. Speaking for myself, I want my skin to look as healthy as possibly for as long as I can help it. 

Black Girl Sunscreen comes in a sleek, black bottle with gold and white writing. The label states itโ€™s broad spectrum SPF 30. It is also infused with Jojoba and Avocado oils. Yayy for our natural ingredients! The front of the bottle also states that itโ€™s water resistant for 80 minutes meaning that if you are sweating or swimming, then you need to reapply it after 80 minutes. This sunscreen is Oxybenzone and Octinoxate-free. Ultra-sheer with no white residue. No white residue is very important to the more melanted complexions. Even I have a hard time rubbing in most sunscreens that leave a thick, white, ashy look. Applying this sunscreen did exactly as it said, it added a sheer, glow look to my skin. I loved it! 

Per Target reviews, it has a 4.8 out of 5 stars with 103 reviews. I think that is amazing! I would definitely recommend that you check it out yourself as this will be my new go-to. You can purchase this sunscreen on my page.

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