With unforeseen circumstances, video conference calls have become the new norm. Our business meetings, our children’s online classes, down to our bible study, and Life group meetings are all via video. Yes, depending on the meeting, you may have the option to turn off your video, but in some instances, you may need to show your face. In those meetings where you need to show your face, you can provide a quick 5-minute fresh face or natural look to your stay-at-home attire.  

 Grooming – Make sure you look well groomed. Brush/comb your hair, wash your face and brush your teeth as if you were going to a real meeting. Washing your face and applying lotion or a great toner gives your face a fresh refreshed look. Put on a lip, a nice lipstick or lip gloss. Sometimes I will apply makeup depending on how I am feeling or how important the meeting is. For the video meetings that I do not feel like applying makeup I put on my glasses. I feel like they hide any bags or dark circles and they still give me a professional look. If you don’t wear prescription glasses, you can order reading glasses or pick some up at your local grocery store for $5-$10.

Style-Just because you are home doesn’t mean you have to look like it. You are a professional, look like one. I’m not telling you have to put on a dress suit unless your meeting calls for it or you’re interviewing via video. Typically you can throw on a nice blouse or top. Depending on how cold or warm it is in your home you can throw on a cardigan or blazer over top of a cami (undershirt). To be transparent I wear house dresses or leggings for the most part. I will throw on a blazer, cardigan, blouse over that house dress or leggings since the video is waist up. I recommend even though it’s from the waist up make sure you have on bottoms or a dress covering your bottom. You never know when the unexpected can occur and you may have to get up from your seat. Also make sure you are wearing a color that will look good on camera and not make you look drag. Sometimes a plain white or black shirt can make you look dull depending on your skin tone and hair color. You can always spice it up with a scarf or necklace, but I wouldn’t recommend wear big or gaudy pieces as it can be a distraction. Typically I keep the accessories simple on videos. Studs and a small necklace. 

Lighting-Make sure you have great lighting. I have a ring light that I put in front of my laptop and desk so I will show up better on camera. If you don’t have ring light that is ok. You can simply use natural light from a window just make sure you adjust your seat, so you aren’t being washed out by the lighting or that it looks to dim. 

Preview-Always check your angles sis. Make sure you join on time and remember to look at the preview screen to view yourself before you go live so you can adjust the camera or lighting before people can see you on the other end. 

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