No White Before Memorial Day – After Labor Day?

Thinking back to my childhood, my mother, your mother, the world made this a rule that we all were to follow. It made me think about where did this social rule come from? 

Once I started researching, I found that the 1900s fashion magazines typically came from the New York area. With their hot summers, it was a trend of theirs to wear lighter colors from Memorial Day to Labor Day which unofficially marked that time as Summer. Other ideas of this rule came from the wealthy who would wear these lighter colors during vacation and then darker colors once the summer months were over.

Now that this rule is aged-old, do we still follow it? 

As for me, I don’t typically wear a lot of white. I have white pants and I have bought white shoes but never convinced myself to wear them. I watched a movie long ago called Serial Mom. if you have ever watched it, then you know it’s crazy. 

Long story short and sorry to be a spoiler, the woman despised people who wore white after Labor Day. I think this movie kind of turned me away from wearing white shoes.  Not to say that I will never wear white shoes because you may one day see me with white boots or strappy heels. 

Would I wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day? Yes, I will but I believe if it’s winter, it would be leaning towards more of a winter white than a bright summer white. I more of leaning towards if I do wear a bright white it will be very close to Memorial Day or that weekend of. Again, I could change my mind on this at any time but that’s where I stand on it as of now. 

My Memorial Day Outfit

 I’m wearing a white dress with a Kimono over it that I made into a blouse. In my first video, I show you how I wrap a Kimono into a blouse. In my second video, I talk to you all about Memorial Day. 

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