What’s in My Closet?

Spring Edition

Pinks, Blues, White, Blush, Rose Gold, Snakeskin, Pastels, Florals.

They make me feel like I just walked through a beautiful garden, stopped, and smelled the tulips and roses. I love spring. It’s not only my birthday season, but it’s also when the world comes back alive from its winter slumber. 

Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and you are ready to be seen. It’s the season for my feet to be released from their closed-toe, sock prison.

They now get to breathe freely. Open-toe strappy heels, flat sandals, an occasional cute wedge are all a must. Straight legged jeans, cropped jeans, T-shirts, and off-the-shoulder tops.  Flowy sun dresses are now back and making an appearance. Early brisk air mornings calling for a blazer or a cardigan. Silk blouses and dresses rubbing smoothly against your skin. Crisp, white, cotton button-down shirts are always a must. 

I’ve included a snapshot of my closet below.

What’s in your closet?

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