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LaToya Polk Robinson

Personal Stylist

What if I could help you attract the right people...the people assigned to your life and business?

Through image and style - ClosetInvite is proven to help busy professional women reach new levels in their personal and professional lives.

Styling Services

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Image Consultation

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Virtual Closet

So, Your next question, how much?

Get this, starting at only $29.99 a month.

Yes, ma'am, you heard it right, $29.99

to have access to your own virtual closet.

Previewing the virtual closet, this price unlocks the Closet side where you can upload items from your closet and have unlimited communication with us regarding them.

Book a Personal Styling Consultation for more details on unlocking the Finds and Looks side to Your Virtual Closet.


LaToya Polk Robinson is the creator and owner of ClosetInvite. In 2021, she is a Liberty University Alumna with a Bachelors in Business Management specializing in Communication. She is a Certified Image Consultant through the Fashion Stylist Institute.
” I’ve always had a passion for the beauty & fashion industry since I was a child which played a huge role in making my personal image very important throughout my life. 
Raised in Virginia, I was surrounded by a family of beauticians. Now I call Charlotte, NC, my home; I know my childhood molded me into the fashionista I am today. 
I started ClosetInvite because as I looked around my environment, social media, and as my friends would ask me what to wear during different seasons or occasions, it came to my attention that we could use some guidance in our beauty & fashion styles. 
I take appearance seriously, and I want to help you take yours seriously as well.” 
In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, appreciating the beauty of art and nature, reading a good book, volunteering in the community, and serving as the Vice President of a non-profit organization.

The Art of Fashion


 Women worldwide can visualize their highest self and show up as her every day.

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